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Wax Removal

Waxing Services

From $15 - 70$

Waxing pulls the hair out from its root so it has to completely re-grow, giving you weeks of that smooth silky feeling. Many waxing clients report that after regular waxing, hair begins to grow back thinner and sometimes lighter.

We use Amber Professional Wax. Amber combines pure oils with cutting edge resins and rosins to create the most professional hard and soft wax formulations in the industry.

-Egyptian Geranium - Non-Strip Hard Wax with Geranium Sage and Lime for coarse stubborn hair. Formulated for oily skin with resistant hair. Softens and heals skin.

-Classic Wax - All purpose soft strip wax. A "soft resin" wax that is formulated to spread thinly and easily. Very economical and excellent for speed waxing large body parts. A medium to high temperature wax.

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